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The Jende Industries glass lapping plate is 25.5cm x 10cm and comes with three silicone carbide lapping powders, Fine, Medium & Coarse.

The plate is a nice 1.3cm thick giving it a solid base to flatten stones on.

The main face is etched to give a more aggressive result when lapping and also allowing the silicone carbide to sit within the etched areas maintaining the powder in the area needed for longer, the back side is smooth and can be used for mounting sheets of sand paper or lapping films.

To use simply sprinkle some lapping powder onto the glass surface then mist with water, just enough to dampen the area.

Draw an X pattern across the stone with a pencil and then proceed to rub the stone against the glass surface in multi directions until the pencil marks have all been removed from the stones surface.

Rubbing back and forward then at a diagonal will ensure that the wear will be more even when lapping.

Begin using the finest grit powder on the high grit stones then work down to the coarse grit powder with the lowest grit stones, this will avoid cross contamination of the higher grit stones.

Learn more on how to use it in the video below.


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