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The Naniwa Chosera is only offered to the Japanese sharpening market only. The Naniwa Chosera stones are premium level stones and are well known for their wonderful feedback and fast action. One of the biggest advantages with the Chosera stones is the variety of hardness between the different grits, which can be used advantageously on harder or softer steels. They also have a very high grit density and work best with a quick soak before use.

Overall size of the stones is a beefy 210 x 70 x 25mm which means the stones life is greater than some others on the market. The 10,000 Grit is 30mm thick.

The Chosera whetstones are Naniwa's premium line of ceramic stones and usually reserved for professional sharpeners in Japan.

The Chosera line of stone is split between 3 levels of abrasion Coarse, Medium and Fine

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Coarse Grit (#400, #600, #800) 

Are aggressive, and geared toward stock removal, repairs, and (re)profiling. They are also excellent at removing the deeper scratches from diamond plates.

The #400 Chosera is a very solid, hard and aggressive stone that does not wear easily.

The #600 Chosera is a softer stone that has a sensational, "buttery"  feedback to it, and excels on harder steels. Please choose your grit from the dropdown menu above.

The #800 Chosera Is still technically a coarse stone, but when used with some mud, it leaves a very good, basic working edge. It is a real workhorse.


Medium Grit (#1,000, #2,000, #3,000)

Refine the edges on most tools and knives to working sharp levels, and quickly perform maintenance on dulled knives. They are still aggressive enough to do minor repair and profiling work, and they set the stage for the fine grit polishing stones. 

The #1,000 Chosera is one of the best stones in the series, and is aggressive enough for most maintenance while leaving an edge that is slightly more refined than other 1K stones.

The #2,000 grit Chosera is a softer stone, and produces an excellent "good enough" edge on softer steel knives (HRC~55 and below). The #2,000 stone is made even more effective when combined with the #800 Chosera stone.

The #3,000 stone is a harder stone, and is the perfect choice for a working edge on a quality knife, and for setting the edge up for the polishing stages.


Fine Grits (#5,000, #10,000) 

Bring every edge to a whole new level, and where cutting becomes effortless.

The #5,000 Chosera is a softer stone, with wonderful feedback. It produces a mirror finish that takes the edge to a whole new level.

The #10,000 Chosera takes the mirror even further, while refining the edge to "shaving sharp" levels. It is highly recommended to use the #5,000 before the  #10,000 for the best results.

  • Made in Japan
  • Model: SS5000
  • Size: 210 x 70 x 25mm
  • Size with base: 250 x 74 x 50mm
  • Material: Magnesia bonded
  • Mounted to sturdy plastic base
  • Long lasting
  • Included Nagura stone 65 x 50 x 33mm #600
  • Weight: 1450g

We recommend soaking the Chosera stone for only 2-3 minutes for initial sharpening, after the Chosera has been soaked it can be splashed with water to keep the surface wet.

The Nagura stone will assist in developing a slurry for finer cutting, the Nagura stone is not for flattening the whetstone, this is a common misconception.

Once finished sharpening clean the stone and allow it to air dry naturally in a shaded position, rapid drying can cause cracking, and leaving the stone in water can cause the stone to degrade.