Manufactured in Japan, Shapton's broad range allows users to select stones suitable to each blade's composition and shape resulting in long-lasting sharpening results.

Popular products like the Shapton Glass Stones and Kuromaku Professional.

The Shapton Whetstone range is quite extensive with the range of Glass Stones and lapping products.

Zanvak are the Australian source for Shapton stone Australia.

Australia's Leading provider of Shapton Sharpening Stones

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Shapton Japanese Whetstones

Shapton produces the high quality Whetstones for knife sharpening.

Shapton are Made in Japan, their stones are designed to last many times longer than standard sharpening stones.

Their manufacturing processes ensure high quality stones with very consistent micron graded particles. For far superior performance and quality, Shapton is a global leader in water stones.

Shapton offers two main variants to their stones:

GlassStone: The GlassStone versions of sharpening stones uses a revolutionary design to provide great usability within a thin stone formed from a combination of glass layers.

The wide selection of stones lets the users enjoy the sharpening experience as they pursue the ideal finish for any kind of knife.

The GlassStone series features a layer of the highest quality ceramic sharpening matrix bonded to a polished tempered glass base

Shapton's precision made base allows you to use all of the sharpening  media right down to the glass which typically cracks and breaks with other whetstones as they become too thin. Unlike similar stones, Shapton Glass Stones are made from an extremely dense media and do not need to be soaked in water prior to use - simply wet the entire surface and get to work immediately.

Professional Series (Kuromaku): KUROMAKU is the world's first set of colour-coded sharpening stones, with each colour representing a different grade of coarseness.

The plastic storage case makes it easy to carry and stack the stones, and can also be used as a sharpening base.

These stones are used with water but can also be used as oilstones.

These high quality stones do not need to be soaked in water; simply splash some on and start sharpening

Shapton offers a wide range of sharpening accessories to bolster out their range.


Diamond Glass Lapping Plate

Every time a knife is sharpened on a sharpening stone, the stone itself changes shape, often dishing in the middle, so over time the planes at the blade's edge also change.

This is why it is very important to keep the sharpening stone itself flat. Apply the Diamond Glass Lapping Plate, and you will enjoy sharpening as you never have before.

The Diamond Glass Lapping Plate uses glass for its base, and this is what produces such high precision on the resulting sharpening stone plane.



Standard lapping plate

Synergy of geometrical grooves with powder

The surface of NAORU is covered with grooves laid out in a geometrical pattern based on the principles of physics. The grooves increase the synergy between the plate and the lapping powders supplied with it, and also improve speed and accuracy when flattening any roughness on a sharpening stone.

Choose which lapping powders to use - coarse, medium or fine (sold separately) - according to the grit of the stone to be flattened.


Disc for dressing sharpening stones

Restores a sharpening stone's original capabilities

Lapping Discs are used when a stone gets clogged up with dirt so its sharpening ability declines.

Each disc has two surfaces - a front with two grooves, and a back which is flat. Both surfaces can be used.