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The KME Gold Series Sharpening stones are Premium level sharpening stones known for quick stock removal and consistent feedback.

Grit options available:

50 Grit:

“The Beast” 50 grit: Gold Series diamond hone. The Beast is the most aggressive stone of any kind we’ve ever used. It will make even the toughest reprofiling and repair jobs much faster and easier. The Beast is so aggressive that we don’t recommend bringing edges to a full apex with it. Use The Beast for the major stock removal then switch to the 140 grit XC GS hone to finish shaping the cutting edge.


100 Grit:

XXCoarse - 100 grit: "The Metal Excavator". With a mixture of diamond particles ranging from 80 to 100 grit, this is the most aggressive hone of any kind we’ve ever used. Use it for major blade repair and serious reprofiling - or whenever large amounts of steel need to be removed quickly.


140 Grit:

XCoarse - 140 grit: The 140 grit hone is extremely aggressive and is perfect for most reprofiling jobs, moderate chip and blade repairs, and for quickly restoring the bevels and edges on extremely dull blades.


300 Grit:

Coarse - 300 grit: The 300 grit hone will produce true shaving sharp edges on even the hardest super-steels. While primarily used for everyday maintenance, it is aggressive enough for performing some minor reprofiling and very small chip repairs.

600 Grit:

Fine - 600 grit: The 600 grit hone refines your edges, taking them from shaving sharp to true hair popping sharp. The 600 grit hone is often adequate as a first step for light edge maintenance.


1500 Grit:

X-Fine - 1500 grit: The 1500 grit hone produces true razor edges while retaining just a bit of a toothy bite and will refine your edges to truly “showing off sharp”.



Use the 50 grit Beast and XXC-100 grits for restoring abused or damaged blades, the XC-140, Coarse-300, Fine-600, and X-Fine 1500 grit diamond hones for quickly taking a blade from dull to extreme, hair popping sharpness.