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Gunny Juice is a poly crystalline diamond emulsion that stands out in the industry. It's created with a proprietary deionization process that deionizes the diamonds. This prevents agglomeration. In other words this prevents the diamonds from clumping together.

This is important when polishing because it prevents the diamonds from forming a larger than desired abrasive particle. This way you don't create stray scratches that you just spent time removing.

It also has a specialized water based carrier that is dialled in and held at a specific PH level to prevent ionization of the diamonds which would defeat the purpose of deionizing them in the first place.

This along with a high diamond concentration that is perfectly balanced for performance and takes the science of stropping to that next level. 

The Juice allows you to easily get a mirror polish while maintaining that aggressive slicing bite. Gunny Juice was designed to get that next level sharpness, while giving you that eye catching polish. It's also perfect for maintaining your edges.

Gunny Juice will easily bring back that shaving sharpness so that you always carry the sharpest cutting tools. The science that went into the development of this product had the sharpener in mind. We're not content with just doing what's always been done. We want to bring a new level of innovation to the sharpening world.

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