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The Edge Pro Silicone Carbide sharpening stone was designed for coarse sharpening and removing large amounts of metal quickly. The mounted professional knife sharpener stone can quickly snap into your Edge Pro sharpening system without special tools. 120 grit sharpening stones are a staple in any professional's kit.

The 120 grit stone is quick to remove metal but will also wear at a higher rate vs diamond stones so keep this in mind when needing to reprofile many knives

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    The 1x6 Silicone Carbide #120 grit stone is an aggressive, extra coarse stone used for serious profiling, repairs and initial sharpening. While not as aggressive as the Jende Silicone Carbide #80 grit stone

    1"x 6" x 5mm in size and mounted to a aluminium blank, it is used with water only and work best when soaked in water for a minute or two before use. Store in a dry place in between use.

    Abrasive Material: Silicon Carbide

    Ideal place in a sharpening progression:

    • Starting grit for major repairs and profiling.
    • In place of any diamond grit plate or extra coarse stone.
    • Where mechanized sharpening and belt grinders are not available.
    • Before progressing to another coarse or lower end medium grit stone (120-1K grit)

    These stones can also be used in a mix and match progression of other synthetic and natural sharpening stones, as well with other brands such as Chosera, Shapton, Sigma, Suehiro, Imanishi, Spyderco, King, etc.

    This is a Waterstone, and should not be used with oil, but can be used in conjunction with oil stones (such as Norton India and Arkansas stones) if the blade is wiped clean before and after switching stone types.   

    The Edge Pro Silicone Carbide #120 Grit sharpening stones will work on almost all types of knives, scissors, tools and chisels, including those made with abrasion resistant steels. While the 1x6 size is meant for use with the TSProf, EdgePro, Hapstone and Jende JIGS systems, it is also a great size for a slip stone, field stone or a pocket stone for knife repairs and sharpening on the go.