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The Jende Coticule Emulsions are specially formulated from processed coticules that would otherwise be waste material.

The process actually retains the spherical structure of the whole coticule, including the garnet abrasive that is encased in natural silica and mica.

The coticule abrasive is made up of garnets, silica, and mica, and is measured as a whole granule, not just by the size of the garnets. Since coticules are known for their dynamic ability to sharpen as well as refine, there are 2 grits of emulsion to reflect those properties.

The 0-100 micron is a more aggressive/larger granule while the 0-25 micron is a smaller/finer granule size. We've added a small amount of poly diamond to help encourage the breakdown of the emulsion and add further cutting and polishing properties.

This also helps keep the coticule as a relevant option for use on many of the abrasion resistant steels now in use.