Tormek PA-70 Honing Compound

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The PA-70 Honing Compound is used together with the Tormek Leather Honing Wheels. The unique qualities of the leather together with the honing compound will effectively remove the burr created from sharpening, without damaging the edge. At the same time, it will also polish the bevel to the finest finish.

The honing compound contains a combination of micro abrasives and polishing components (average grain size 3 micron).

One application lasts for about 5–10 tools. Work the honing compound into the leather. The leather honing wheel will become saturated and more efficient the more you use it.

When you have a new honing wheel, impregnate it first with a light machine oil so that it gets the right texture and can absorb the honing compound.

If you work in a dry climate, you might need to re-impregnate the honing wheel after some time with a few drops of oil before you apply fresh honing compound. Do not let the compound dry, apply more oil if necessary.

How To Use:

Pa -70_450x 338

Firstly, impregnate the leather with a light machine oil, use approx. 2/3 of the tube for the T-8 and half the tube for the T-4. It will soften the leather and cause the honing compound to penetrate.

Pa -70_distribute _250x 188

Apply a thin string of the compound before starting the machine. Rotate the wheel by hand.

Pa -70_distribute _250x 188

Start the machine and distribute the compound by pressing a tool gently against the wheel. Let the compound penetrate the leather. 

Pa -70_distribute _250x 188

Always hone away from the edge!

Pa -70_distribute _250x 188

If you hone towards the edge, it cuts into the wheel!