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The Shapton Glass Stone Seven Diamond Lapping Plate Maintains your Glass Stone Seven Stones as they wear with use.

When using the diamond lapping plate correctly you will be able to flatten the stones within 0.005 mm of accuracy. the design of the plate catches the stone slurry in the "channels" leaving the surface cleaner for longer flattening sessions.

To use:

Draw an X pattern across the stone with a pencil and then proceed to rub the stone against the Diamond surface in multi directions until the pencil marks have all been removed from the stones surface.

Rubbing back and forward then at a diagonal will ensure that the wear will be more even when lapping.

Make the stone wet during the entire process, under a running tap would be recommended so the slurry washes away immediately and improves to lapping time.




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  • Shapton Diamond Lapping Plate


  • 16 cm x 4.1 cm
  • 170g
  • SKU: 70100