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TSPROF Blitz scissors clamp. Designed for sharpening scissors that do not have a spherical shape (household, kitchen, hairdressing).

The base of the table can be turned over in the holders, significantly expanding the range of angles of this clamp. The range of sharpening angles in the primary position is 59-75 degrees per side. In the position after resetting - 75-90 degrees per side. 

The maximum thickness of the tool is 1 cm, for a tool of greater thickness, it is recommended to use a G-clamp.

The clamp is made of 7075-T6 aviation aluminium. It consists of a single Y-shaped clip, base and brackets.

The clip is attached to the base with a 3 mm screw and is clamped with a convenient  knurled thumb screw. The brackets are attached to the frame of the rotary mechanism with two 2 mm screws.

Using a Mini convex attachment you will be able to perform many sharpening tasks

Material: aviation aluminium 7075-Т6

Maximum thickness of the clamped tool: 1 cm

Sharpening angles: 59-90 degrees

Clamp weight: 105g

The clamp is adjustable with 3 mm and 2 mm screwdrivers.

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