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TSPROF Protective hard case for the K03 sharpening system. Makes it easy to store and to carry your sharpening system

The Case has foam cut-outs designed for:

  • The K03 Body
  • Stone Holder and guide rod
  • 1 x 6 sized stones
  • Venev Stones 
  • Small Universal table
  • Metal base
  • Full Set of Allen wrenches 5 pcs
  • Dialux polishing pastes kit 2 pcs
  • Whole milled clamps
  • Single clamp
  • Double fillet clamps
  • Magnifying glass
  • Digital Angle Cube
  • 7.2 degree convex attachment

Made in Germany by WAG

As an injection-moulded case, the K03 case presents its strengths in a broad range of applications and versatility. Its shape and distinctive technical design immediately catch the eye.