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The K03 Narrow Stone Holder allows you to reinstall various bars, blanks, and other tools quickly. The support plate located along the entire bar provides additional setup stiffness and removes unnecessary loads, thus allows to work with fragile stones without using blanks.

The distance from the handle to the stone does not depend on the length of the abrasive; it increases the accuracy during finishing operations.

Lightweight narrow abrasive holder:

It is a perfect way of work with narrow bars with dimensions 150x12x3 mm, for sharpening of recurve, concave and convex blades, for sharpening pen knives and folding multitool knives like Victorinox and Leatherman.

The titanium guide makes the holder lightweight. Titanium is lighter and stronger than aluminium, so titanium is widely used in aviation.

Monolithic milled clips are made of aluminium alloy D16T and precisely oriented in the axial direction using an auxiliary plate of polished stainless steel, and a titanium guide.

The easy movement of the holder allows you to feel and control the abrasive so well that you have a feeling of manual sharpening, but with the support and TSPROF ‎ guaranteed accuracy.
The abrasive holder provides a convenient surface for the installation of the digital angle gauge.

The kit comes with two limiting rings with a damper; one of the rings works as a parking device.

Combined bevels of clamping jaws are 90 + 45 degrees,
Clamping jaws: width 18/16 mm, the width of the supporting plate is 16 mm, effective height is 5 mm (height of the groove under 45 degrees is 3 mm)
min/max abrasive size is from 105 mm to 175 mm