TSPROF Universal Attachment for Convex Edge 4.3°, 7.2°, 10.7°

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The TSProf Universal Convex attachment allows the user to select the desired degree out of 3 preselected holes.

It mounts to the stone holder with ease, and also includes a titanium guide ring for strength.

Convex sharpening of a blade has shown it holds up very well under shock loads, during cutting of reeds, shrubs and grass, large raw bones, and general bush craft.

it is significantly more effective for deep cutting compared to blades with V-shaped profile, provided that the blade is of a similar thickness. The reason is less 'sticking' to the material. This form is most suitable for military weapons with long blades, large knives, logging axes and bush craft scandi grind knives.

Angle ranges (radius) is determined by the position of the rod in the alloy adaptor. The adaptor is marked with the appropriate range (radius). 

The Kit includes:

  • Three radius adapter: 4.3 °, 7.2 °, 10.7 °
  • Titanium guide rod
  • Bushing adapter

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