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The Atoma Diamond Plates for Wicked Edge Sharpening Systems - All Grits use advanced diamond technology designed to cut faster, last longer and leave a more consistent finish at each grit level.

The Wicked Edge sized Atoma diamond plates are secured to a standard Plastic Wicked Edge compatible paddle. The Plates are compatible with all the Wicked Edge sharpening system range

The Diamonds are electro-bonded to the steel sheet then adhered to the aluminium backing.

Atoma Diamond plates can be used dry, or with water.

The #140 is great for heavy reprofiling and removing deep chips from blades.

The #400 works great for lighter reprofiling work on knives with lighter chips and can be a great stone to use when reprofiling a factory bevel.

The #600 leaves a consistent scratch pattern and sets up the bevel for either the #1200 Atoma or low grit Japanese water stones stones like the #400 Chosera.

The #1200 refines scratch patterns and then prepares the bevel for use with Japanese water stones such as #1000 Chosera,

Your diamond plates will arrive in a plastic blister pack for easy storage when not in use.

No water is required when using the Atoma diamond plates but can be if desired, Make sure to dry correctly to avoid rust on the surface if using a lubricant.


This set includes:

  • 2x paddles
  • 2x 140 Grit Diamond Plates
  • 2x 400 Grit Diamond Plates
  • 1x Blister Storage Container


1x6 Chosera Japanese Water Stones