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The Jende Diamond stone kit consists of 4 bonded diamond stones in the following grits:

The 1x6 Jende #120 Diamond Plate is an aggressive, extra coarse diamond plate used for serious profiling, repairs, and initial sharpening. 

 The 1x6 Jende #300 Diamond Plate is a coarse diamond plate used for minor profiling, repairs, and initial sharpening and touching up of edges. 

The 1x6 Jende #600 Diamond Plate is a medium/medium-fine diamond plate used for minor repairs, touching up of edges, and for establishing a working sharp edge. 

The 1x6 Jende #1200 Diamond Plate is a fine diamond plate used for touching up of edges, establishing a working sharp edge, And preparing an edge for further refinement.

Abrasive Material: Diamond Electroplate

The diamond plate is adhered to a 4mm piece of Acrylic to give the stone a similar thickness to other stones for easier stone compensation when changing grits.

Diamond abrasives at this level stay flat their entire lifespan, and don’t shed abrasive or hog water. They cut very quickly and efficiently, and are the best all-around replacements for the coarsest synthetic and natural stones.

While the 1x6 size is meant for use with the Jende JIGS, Edge Pro, Hapstone and TSProf sharpeners, it is also a great size for a slip stone, field stone or a pocket stone for knife repairs and sharpening on the go.


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