Japanese Whetstones

Australia's Leading provider of Japanese Sharpening Whetstones

Zanvak are official dealers of Naniwa Abrasives, Suehiro, Shapton, Otani Toishi and Tsuboman Atoma offering the popular bench stone models form Japan.

The Famous Naniwa Chosera has always been a crowd favourite and a staple among many sharpeners. Newer to the range are the Gouken Arata and Naniwa Professional Series which offer an economy option for the Chosera line of bench stones.

From the highly regarded Suehiro Japan, Zanvak's selection of Japanese Whetstones & Sharpening Stone Accessories.

Quality is of utmost importance to Suehiro and that is made very evident in their range of sharpening bench stones.

Suehiro is one of the most widely used whetstones in Japan, they offer great value and are suitable for all sharpening skill levels of both kitchen knives and woodworking hand tools.

Japanese Whetstones