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Discover Our Pro Knife Sharpening Systems

As one of Australia’s leading online providers of knife kits, Zanvak prides itself on superior quality, safety and precision control to help you get your most important jobs done.

If you have been looking to upgrade your guided sharpening equipment, consider Zanvak as your first source of expert knowledge, experience and recommendations from those who have worked in the same shoes. From commercial systems to kitchen tools, consider some of the following guidelines and recommendations when selecting your next piece of equipment.

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Further questions? Feel free to reach out to our team. From industry experience, we’re happy to speak with you about your regular usage and process, and suggest the equipment we believe will best suit you.

How to Select the Best Blade Sharpening Machine

Professional knife sharpening machines need the following traits to find a place on our bench, in our kitchens or in our homes. These include:

  • Precision: The impact of a sharp blade on individual projects can minimise the risk of injury due to slip, strain or repetitive use, help you work faster, and support fewer trimming errors or rework. See? The quality of the precision outcome from your system to your blade is important.
  • Safety: As with the use of any tool like this, the equipment you use for sharpening must prioritise safety. Whether you top-up your blades every few days or with less frequent use, the safety of your equipment must be the first and foremost concern that comes to mind.
  • Longevity: Not only do you want the sharpener you select to have a long life, you want it to maximise the use and life of your tools. By ensuring that you pair the right equipment and technique together, you can extend the life and safety of your tools with every use.

Australia’s Finest Selection of Knife Sharpening Supplies

From wet stone grinding wheels to commercial knife kits, the extensive Zanvak product range has been carefully curated from professional experience and knowledge. With vast experience using these essentials at home, in the kitchen and at the studio, Zanvak’s founding team knows what it takes to keep your most relied on tools in their best condition.

From product quality control to first-aid and safety in the kitchen, sharpening equipment should be one of your most carefully selected investments that can maximise precision and safety.

Need further insight before you buy? Feel free to speak with our experienced team for a great recommendation, and extend the life of your tools today.