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Professional Knife Sharpening Tools & Equipment

Where Quality Meets Precision for Knife Sharpening Tools

As Australia’s largest online provider of blade and professional knife sharpening systems, Zanvak is a leading retailer of essential culinary equipment, tools and kits that can help keep your most important tools in their best condition.

Founded in 2020 by two best friends, Zanvak recognised a gap in the market with the need for craftsmen, chefs, and blade workers to keep their most relied on equipment in peak form.

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With few retailers providing public access to superior quality tools and knife sharpening kits to the Australian and New Zealand markets, Zanvak allows workers to perfect their tools in the comfort of their own home, workshop, kitchen or studio to increase the longevity of their best blades and minimise the risk of injury or misuse.

A proud provider of equipment from Jende, TSProf, Wicked Edge, Gunny Juice, Tormek, KME and more, with Zanvak’s extensive product range you’ll stay on top of your quality and precision control. Our range is designed to meet various budgets, tools and project needs.

Professional Knife Sharpeners, Tools and Supplies

From sharpening stones to diamond plates, our range of Australian and foreign-made sharpening tools and kits increases the efficiency of your process and ensures an exact result with every try.

Perfect for everyone from masters to beginners learning the tricks of the trade, our range can cater to those that vary in regularity or experience, and further includes satchels and protective equipment.

A one-stop-shop for quality cutting equipment and safety gear, the founders of Zanvak know from first-hand experience the importance of reliable and superior quality. From knife and blade sharpening kits to strops, our team can support your purchasing decision every step of the way with expert knowledge and recommendations.

Reach out to our team today for support – we take pride in our product selection and want to ensure that both your blades and customer experience meets our own high standards.

Zanvak – honouring an ancient art with modern equipment and ideas. Trust our team to provide the right solution and sharpening equipment for your work. Get in touch with us to see how our selection can support your team today.