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The Double-Sided Paddle Kangaroo leather sharpening strop is bound to make your sharpening process easier for your knives and cutting tools.

Suitable from beginner through to the advanced, the strop will be able to bring back the edge to razor sharp. A strop is a fantastic tool to rejuvenate a dull edge with little work needed.

Each side of the strop has Australian high quality kangaroo leather that has been meticulously chosen by our team to only offer the best performance.

The Kangaroo strop features two smooth sides, one is for the final polish which can be used with the Sydney Strop Co. High grit paste or used bare with no paste and the other side can accommodate a low grit paste.

Characteristics of Kangaroo leather:

The hide has a low fat content and a very thin grain layer, so it is very strong for its thickness.

The leather is lighter and stronger than most other leathers out there. it also tends to darken quicker with use and is generally more expensive.

Generally Kangaroo leather will provide a harder stropping surface and not over convex the bevel, this is great for blades with very specific angles of sharpness.

  • Total length – 40.5 cm (15.94 inches)
  • Length of the leatherworking part – 26 cm (10.23 inches)
  • Working width of the leather – 7.6 cm (2.99 inches)
  • Base material – Australian Blackbutt
  • Leather material - Australian premium Kangaroo hide

 The double-sided paddle strop is a fantastic gift for any occasion.

Pair it up with a Strop Pastes for premium performance.


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