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The KME Sharpener Broadhead Arrow Jaws Sharpening contemporary, traditional, and concave cut-on-contact broadheads just got easier with the new KME Broadhead Jaws.

Now you can use your KME knife sharpener to sharpen your 2 blade broadheads and duplicate almost any factory bevel angle. The KME Broadhead Jaws are cut at an angle so you simply put the broadhead in the jaws with the ferrule tight against the jaws.

With our standard 4 stone ceramic knife sharpening kit or our 3 diamond stone kit, you're good to go on all modern cut-on-contact broadheads.

Our Gold Series XXC-100 and XC-140 grit diamond hones are excellent for establishing bevels. Even thick laminated tip glue-on broadheads can be quickly and professionally sharpened.

For concave broadheads like the Simmons, these broadhead jaws used with our Jewelstik 3 sided convex diamond hone is the ultimate sharpening set-up.

Made in the USA