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The Master Kuo G5 2XL Taiwan Tuna Knife is a pretty big fish knife. It's designed for chopping the heads off of large fish and cutting the body into steaks. The curved shape allows the blade to zip along on long lateral cuts, too.

The G5 knife is made with 3 layered laminated steel.

The outer layer is stainless steel and the core is made of traditional Japanese high carbon SK5 steel.

Rockwell tested at 60-61 hardness.

  • Blade: 260 x 165 x 5.3mm
  • Handle length: 100mm
  • Total length: 315mm
  • Weight: 1100g
  • Made in Taiwan
  • RC: 60-61

Hand wash with soapy warm water. towel dry immediately after washing.

Do not put into the dishwasher, the outer stainless steel will not rust but the exposed SK5 Core bevel can show signs of light surface build-up over time, regular sharpening and stropping will maintain this and the use of Camelia oil.