Naniwa Sharpening Stones

Australia's Leading provider of Naniwa Sharpening Stones

Zanvak are official dealers of Naniwa Abrasives, offering the popular models form Japan.

The Famous Naniwa Chosera has always been a crowd favourite and a staple among many sharpeners. Newer to the range are the Gouken Arata and Naniwa Professional Series which offer an economy option for the Chosera line of bench stones.

And finally the Naniwa Super Stone series is a budget friendly range of stones sure to leave a beautiful edge on many knives. Explore the range of Japanese Whetstones and Naniwa sharpening accessories like the Sink Bridge and Naniwa Stone holder.

Naniwa Abrasives are regarded as the maker of the highest grade synthetic sharpening stones in Japan.

Naniwa has been manufacturing quality Whetstones for over 60 years in Osaka, Japan. Zanvak's selection of Naniwa stones makes it easy for you to find the right stone for your sharpening needs.

Naniwa Abrasives