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The Venev Centaur Series diamond range is a popular option for users when wanting a diamond option when sharpening.

The Venev Centaur series is rated on the FEPA grit scale, they utilize a legacy binder with 100% diamond concentration. #400 to #2000 utilize OCB binder with 25% or 100% diamond concentration. 25% diamond concentration is better for scratch-free sharpening. 100% diamond concentration is better for high performance.

These stones represent the 25% concentration diamond for optimal sharpening.

The OCB version of Venev Diamonds utilizes a brand new yellow binder with no abrasive particles in the composition. OCB is available in fine grits only and offers better scratch free sharpening results.

Available in 4 diamond stone options:

The #80 Venev is great for extremely heavy reprofiling 

The #150 Venev works great for heavy reprofiling work on knives with deep chips and can be a great stone to use when reprofiling a factory bevel

The #240 Venev works great for lighter reprofiling work on knives with lighter chips and can be a great stone to use when finished on the 150 grit

The #400 Venev leaves a consistent scratch pattern and sets up the bevel for either the #1200 Atoma or low grit Japanese water stones stones like the #400 Chosera

The #800 Venev refines scratch patterns and then prepares the bevel for use with Japanese water stones such as #800 Chosera



  • Cutting Abrasive : Synthetic diamonds with resin bonding
  • Backing Material: Aluminium with dovetail ends
  • Flatness tolerance: up to 0.2mm
  • Size: 1 x 6 inch or 150mm x 24mm

Recommended use:

Venev Diamonds are recommended to be used with some water as a lubricant for the best cutting feedback and low dust. The diamond surface does not absorb water. Splash water on the diamonds surface.

Dry usage is also an acceptable practice, although it results in faster wearing and speeds up stone loading.

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Understanding the Readings on the stones:

C100%  F80  200/160


C***% = % Concentration of Diamond in the resin

F*** = Grit reading in FEPA scale

**/** = Diamond grain size in microns


Do I need to Lap these stones?

Lapping improves the sharpening quality of fine diamonds, but it's not mandatory. Lapping can also eliminate the break-in period after purchase. 

Use a Glass lapping plate to do this.



FEPA F Grain Micron μm JIS Japanese
80 185
150 82 150
240 45 400
400 18 600
800 7 2000
1200 3 5000