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 Jende Nanocloth Ultra strops

The Progression Kit offers a selected range from the Nano cloth lineup with a bundle cost saving

Our matching Emulsion Kits can be found HERE

  • The Jende Nanocloth Ultra is a synthetic stropping material that has no weave, so feedback is the same in all directions. Other weaved strops tend to have noticeable resistance change feedback variations, like a rug when vacuuming, which can make you second guess your stropping stroke.
  • The Honeycomb structure is very consistent. The shape allows the emulsions to fill up the honeycombs, keeping more abrasive on the strop and off your knife. The shape also fills up and beads on the surface, giving a snowshoe effect with even scratches when stropping.
  • The depth of the honeycomb has little compression – less than leather in general.
  •  Because of the depth of abrasive in the honeycomb tubes, differential pressure can be used to give the strop more or less aggression by adding pressure for more aggression, and super light strokes to just tickle the edge for finish stropping.
  • The color-coded Acrylic base allows you to instantly recognize the grit strop you desire to use, saving time and confusion.
  • Laser etched to ensure long-lasting and clear identification marks. 
  • Works equally well with the Jende Poly Diamond Emulsions.


Grit to Micron conversion

  • 4 Micron (Pink) 4,000 Grit
  • 1 Micron (Blue) 16,000 Grit
  • 0.25 Micron (Green) 60,000 Grit
  • 0.025 Micron (Orange) 600,000 Grit