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The Atoma #1200 is a great substitution for those who want the longest lasting #1000 grit equivalent sharpening plate. The edge you get from the Atoma #1200 is comparable to a traditional #1000 grit whetstone.

The pro is that the Atoma diamond plate never needs flattening or correcting, the finish from the #1200 Atoma will be comparable to a #1000 whetstone in regards to the finish, and the sharpness will be similar,

It can also be used for light lapping work on higher grit stones as it will only remove small amounts of the whetstone surface, we would suggest using a dedicated lapping plate for higher grit stones to maintain a clean and even surface to work on.

The main benefit of using an Atoma plate over a whetstone is its ability to remain flat and will last for an extended amount of time.

General way to use the plate is to mount the whetstone in your stone holder then rub the Atoma on top of the whetstone in various directions till the stone is lapped.

Atoma Diamond Sharpening Plates are products of the company Tsuboman, a superb Japanese manufacturer with very refined diamond products.

The Atoma plates are made of mono-crystalline diamonds with the cutting abrasive surface mounted on a stainless steel base which is 10mm thick.

It's base is machined to be extremely flat so the Diamond plate remains flat.

The quality and durability of these Atoma plates are of the highest available on the market, with precision made surfaces that have high precision uniformity. These plates remain flat after continued sharpening use.

The diamond plate can be replaced after a few years without buying another baseplate, as they are adhered using a strong double sided tape.

Atoma Diamond plates can be used dry, or with water.


The Importance of grit progression

  • Tsuboman Atoma
  • Grit: #1200 mounted to Aluminium
  • Size: 210 x 75 x 12mm
  • Weight: 750g
  • Storage pouch included
  • Professional Sharpening Stone / Diamond Plate
  • Made in Japan

Clean the plate thoroughly after use, remove any water if used when sharpening, and allow to try fully to prevent any rust.