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The Edge-On-Up ATF10C includes a self-contained canister of test media that is easily and quickly fed through the fixture for fast test media reloads.

"C" stands for competition with the ATF10C and the design is born out of the many international edge sharpness competitions where the PT50A is used to determine the winners. The ATF10C permits knife edges to be measured very close to the handle or haft and, in general, allows easier access to all sorts of edges including those edges that must be measured without benefit of the knife fulcrum.  The ATF10C does not include a TM02 test media canister.

Refill canisters TM02 are available that will provide, on average, 325 measurements.


  • Aluminium Design
  • Easy Reloading Time
  • Requires Less Media Per Test
  • Works with All PT50 Sharpness Testers
  • Uses DoubleX+ Test Media, Replacement test media HERE

The Aluminium ATF10C Test Fixture is sold without any Test Media. Additional DoubleX + Test Media is available for refilling Aluminium Test Fixtures - Sold separately.