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The Hapstone Stone Holder For Work Sharp Precision Adjust Allows the user to change out the standard guide rod that has a limited capability with its 3 sided stone.

The main disadvantage of the Work Sharp is its inability to use any other stones that the user may want to use.

The solution to this is with the Aluminium built stone holder with spring tension, it allows stones of up to 10 cm / 4 Inch to be mounted, this means that the range of KME sized stones and strops now becomes available to be used with this system.

Popular stones like the Chosera and Naniwa range are popular, and even the ability to use lapping films on acrylic blanks to achieve impressive results.

Step up your sharpening game by adding an Angle cube to the equation, this will allow you to precisely control the sharpening angle and create repeatable angles time after time.

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