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 The Jende Industries White Ceramic Honing Rod is rated to Mohs 9 (Diamond being 10)

This honing rod will leave a refined edge on your blade to an approximate grit of 1200. Ceramic honing steels will allow your knives to keep their edge integrity for longer between sharpening.

Honing is no sharpening, it is a process of realigning the bevel for prolonged life between sharpening on stones.

Our Black Honing Rod is rated to 1500 grit and Mohs 8 scale of hardness.

The Honing rod have break resistant technology in the tips and the handles that make these sharpening steels fantastic for active use in restaurants, Cafe's etc.

The handle is made from sturdy stainless steel with a polypropylene grip for comfortable use.

  • Ceramic Rod 275 x 16mm
  • Handle Length: 140mm
  • Overall Length: 410mm
  • Weight: 400g


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