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The natural food safe way to protect your high carbon knives is using a product like pure Camellia oil, it does this by creating a barrier between the oxygen and the blade and prevents moisture settling on the steel.

The Kurobara Camellia Oil is odourless and non drying. Which makes it perfect for prevention of rust and tarnishing on the blades surface.

The process of making the Camellia oil has been perfected over the 80 year history of Kurobara Honpo based in Tokyo Japan.

This oil will not affect any glues or finishes on your blade.

The Kurobara Camellia oil is available in two sizes:

  • 100ml bottle with drip top nozzle
  • 250ml bottle with spray nozzle
  • Manufacturer: Kurobara Honpo
  • Ingredients: Pure Tsubaki Oil | Camellia Oil
  • Size: 245ml
  • Weight: 300g
  • Made In Japan
  • Natural light oil extracted from camellia plant seed.
  • Used to preserve and protect the blades from rusting and oxidising.
  • It can be used on knives, gardening and woodworking tools.
  • Works best when is applied after a tool is washed clean and dried properly.
  • It will also help preserve wooden handles of your knives.
  • The 245ml comes in a bottle with a pump lid.
  • It wont go rancid or thick like some oils can

The Camellia oil works best when is applied after a knife is washed clean and dried properly. Simply spray on a cloth and wipe over the entire blade surface after use before storage.

Store your knives in a Saya cover, a canvas bag or on a magnetic knife holder.

Avoid using leather as it may stain the surface.