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The Naniwa Professional line of Whetstones is an economical take on the extremely popular Naniwa Chosera range of sharpening stones.

Naniwa makes the Professional series in 8 different grits which match the Chosera grits that are also available from Zanvak.

Available Grits:

  • #400
  • #600
  • #800
  • #1000
  • #2000
  • #3000
  • #5000
  • #10,000

    The Pro stones are and upgrade from the Naniwa Super Stone series of Whetstones, with the exemption of the #12,000 grit that is not offered in either the Chosera or Pro series of stones.

    They only require light soaking for roughly 7-12 minutes to be ready for sharpening, avoid extended soaking time as this can degrade the stone.


    Coarse Grit (#400, #600, #800) 

    Are aggressive, and geared toward stock removal, repairs, and (re)profiling. They are also excellent at removing the deeper scratches from diamond plates.

    The #400 Pro is a very solid, hard and aggressive stone that does not wear easily.

    The #600 Pro is a softer stone that has a sensational, "buttery"  feedback to it, and excels on harder steels. Please choose your grit from the dropdown menu above.

    The #800 Pro Is still technically a coarse stone, but when used with some mud, it leaves a very good, basic working edge. It is a real workhorse.


    Medium Grit (#1,000, #2,000, #3,000)

    Refine the edges on most tools and knives to working sharp levels, and quickly perform maintenance on dulled knives. They are still aggressive enough to do minor repair and profiling work, and they set the stage for the fine grit polishing stones. 

    The #1,000 Pro is one of the best stones in the series, and is aggressive enough for most maintenance while leaving an edge that is slightly more refined than other 1K stones.

    The #2,000 grit Pro is a softer stone, and produces an excellent "good enough" edge on softer steel knives (HRC~55 and below). The #2,000 stone is made even more effective when combined with the #800 Pro stone.

    The #3,000 stone is a harder stone, and is the perfect choice for a working edge on a quality knife, and for setting the edge up for the polishing stages.


    Fine Grits (#5,000, #10,000) 

    Bring every edge to a whole new level, and where cutting becomes effortless.

    The #5,000 Pro is a softer stone, with wonderful feedback. It produces a mirror finish that takes the edge to a whole new level.

    The #10,000 Pro takes the mirror even further, while refining the edge to "shaving sharp" levels. It is highly recommended to use the #5,000 before the  #10,000 for the best results.

    Compared to the Naniwa Chosera (25mm thick), the Naniwa Professional (20mm thick) is marginally thinner, and does not come with a hard base.


    The Importance Of Grit Progression Chart
    • Naniwa Professional P-320
    • Grit: #2000 (Medium) Magnesium Resin with White Aluminium Oxide
    • Whetstone Size: 210 x 70 x 20mm
    • Weight: 820g
    • Loose stone / No base
    • Splash & Go type
    • Professional Sharpening Stone / Whetstone
    • Made in Japan

    The Naniwa Professional series of stones will begin to develop a dish after frequent usage, to maintain the stones a lapping plate is recommended to keep the surface flat for long life.

    We suggest either the Jende Industries Glass Lapping Plate, Atoma Diamonds Plates, or the Shapton NAORU cast iron lapping system for this process.

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