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The Otani Toishi "Kitayama" Japanese Whetstone has become a popular stone in many sharpeners kits, although it states it is a #8000 Grit it tends to perform similarly to a 10-12k finish.

Its size is comparable to the Naniwa Chosera coming in at

205 x 75 x 25mm.

Much like the Chosera line of stones it is recommended to only briefly soak the stone till it becomes hydrated.

Using a Nagura stone will help develop a fine slurry for high quality polishing on your blade.

The Kitayama is a fantastic finishing stone for its affordable price and it maintains its consistent feel without dulling like some other stones can. 

  • Origin: Kyoto Japan
  • Manufacturer: Otani Toishi
  • Grit: #8000
  • Size: 205 x 75 x 28mm
  • Weight: 800g
  • Type: Splash & Go
  • Line: Kitayama
  • Material: Synthetic high purity Alumina with natural stone powders
  • Mounted to wooden stand
  • Nagura stone included.

We recommend soaking the Naniwa Arata stone for only 2-3 minutes for initial sharpening, after the Chosera has been soaked it can be splashed with water to keep the surface wet.

A Nagura stone will assist in developing a slurry for finer cutting, the Nagura stone is not for flattening the whetstone, this is a common misconception.

Once finished sharpening clean the stone and allow it to air dry naturally in a shaded position, rapid drying can cause cracking, and leaving the stone in water can cause the stone to degrade.

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