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When you're trying to achieve an ultra-precise edge, the slightest wobble or vibration can result in distortions in the blade.

The GS Holder is heavy enough to use as a sharpening base, and its form gives it stability far higher than that of the GS Field Holder. This holder also can be used with a DGLP on top.

It holds stones securely with a rubber external casing.

Use the Glass stone holder in conjunction with the Shapton Glass Pond for a professional sharpening setup.  

The Shapton Glass Stone Holder also accommodates the Shapton Glass Diamond Lapping Plate on the top of the stone holder. (Not Included)

  • Shapton Glass Stone holder in box
  • Product name: Shapton Glass Stone Holder
  • Product number: 50200
  • Dimensions: 259 x 86 x 56 mm
  • Weight: approx. 1960g