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The Glass Stone series of sharpening stones uses a revolutionary design to provide great usability within a thin package formed from a combination of glass layers.
The wide selection of stones lets users enjoy the sharpening experience as they pursue the ideal finish for any kind of blade.
The rich line-up of accessories also enjoys worldwide popularity.

Sharpens faster
Shapton stones are great at sharpening because of their high abrasive content - you can form an edge in no time.

Start straightaway
Shapton stones don't need to be soaked in water before use. Just splash on some water, and start sharpening in seconds!

Allow to air dry in indirect sun prior to storing the stone.

Reduced wear
Shapton's unique bonding technology allows the abrasives to perform at an optimum level, resulting in long-lasting sharpening stones.

Wide variety of sharpening stones
Shapton's broad range allows users to select stones suitable to each blade's composition and shape, giving great sharpening and a perfect finish.

The 8000 grit Glass Stone is classed as a Fine grit stone, it is fantastic for leaving a light polish and a refined edge on your blade, add it to your progression for optimal sharpness.

The HC option is designed for High Carbon blades and has a less aggressive cutting feel.

The HR series is optimised for more modern blade steels.

The conventional image is that sharpening stones are large and heavy, but Glass Stones are not only thin and light, but also strong, as layers of tempered glass are stuck together. Glass Stones therefore have strong resistance to cracking or sudden breakage caused by external shocks such as being dropped.

The abrasives in these glass stones are also extremely uniform, meaning the abrasive encountered with the first pass of a blade will be the same as the end of the stones life.

Shapton GlassStone in stone holder

The Glass Stone series includes two types each of the 4000, 6000 and 8000 sharpening stones. What are the differences between them?

They use different abrasive agents. Glass Stone series 50603, 50703 and 50803 are recommended for sharpening composite steel blades, where steel has been forge welded with another metal.

Each Glass Stone is composed of a 5mm tempered glass backing plate bonded to a 5mm thick stone. Shapton sharpening Glass Stones are made with finely graded ceramic cutting media that requires less flattening and lasts 4-5 times longer than most whetstones.

Add a Shapton Stone holder for premium stability and professional results.

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  • 1.84 Micron #8000 grit sharpening stone
  • Micron: 1.84
  • Mesh: 8000
  • Dimensions: 210 x 70 x 10mm (Abrasive Layer 5mm)
  • Weight: approx. 360g
  • SKU: 50803
  • Type: Fine