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The GS Pond remains steady while sharpening, and can provide you with a stable work space even away from a sink.

Sharpening generally produces a dirty slurry which often splatters over the surroundings.
The GS Pond offers a space wide enough for sharpening as well as for catching the water that drips off the stone.

Its sturdy rubber walls and textured glass bottom ensure a stable and secure work space while sharpening.

This means that the Pond becomes a portable sharpening sink.

The floor of the Shapton Pond is made of glass and has a slightly rough texture so the sharpening stone holder does not slip while being used. Constructed of two layers of tempered glass housed in a heavy-duty rubber outer frame casing. The Shapton Glass Pond contains the water used during sharpening and makes clean up a breeze.

(Stone Holders not included)

  • Shapton Glass Stone Sharpening Pond in box
  • Product name: Shapton GlassStone Sharpening Pond
  • Product number: 50000
  • Dimensions: 390 x 320 x 52 mm
  • Weight: approx. 3,350g