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The 1x6 Spyderco stone kit comes with 3 stones - Medium, Fine, and Ultra Fine (UF) and will fit into any standard Edgepro apex, Edgepro Pro, Hapstone, TSProf and Jende JIGS Sharpener stone holder.

Stones are 1"x 6" x 4-5mm thick and are mounted to a 2mm thick aluminium blank. They can be used in the sharpener, or as field stones, travel stones and slip stones.

The Medium Spyderco stone is an excellent transition and clean-up stone from the KME diamond and great for maintenance sharpening. Its about 1200 grit / 15 Micron.

The Fine Spyderco stone is also a very effective transition and maintenance stone, leaving a very respectable working edge. It's about 2K Grit / 6 Micron.

The Ultra Fine (UF) Spyderco stone is a must have finisher stone, and is rated at about 4K grit / 3 Micron.

Spyderco stones can be used wet with oil or water, as well as used dry. Wet use will gives the stones more aggression while dry sharpening will produce a finer finish over time.


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