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Suehiro Japanese Whetstones

The #320 grit Cerax Whetstone is classed as a Medium-Coarse grade stone.

The 404 variant is 50mm thick vs the 401 variant at 29mm, the 404 will give you longer life if maintained well.

A #320 grit stone has become a staple for many sharpeners due to ability to remove metal quickly and cleanly.

It will allow you to remove deep imperfections along the bevel and set the stage for the #1000 Cerax

This stone works best after the Atoma #140 Diamond plate.

#320 Grit medium finishing and well balanced whetstone with a rubber frame to remove the deep scars and smoothen the surface so that the blade becomes sharper and stain-resistant. Suitable for final sharpening of chisels, planes, steel knives, and longer blades.

The Cerax Waterstone by Suehiro Niigata Japan is renowned for its fast cutting surface, its longevity and a reputation for consistency and high quality.

These stones hold their shape well and still cut quickly enough to create a burr in a reasonable number of strokes.

The Cerax Stones do require soaking, however they're not extremely thirsty. A soak for only a few minutes and they're ready to go. An occasional splash of water during use keeps them working smoothly. They should not be stored in water.

Cerax is packaged with a small Nagura stone, which is used for unclogging the stone if particle material becomes embedded during the sharpening process.

Suehiro Cerax Japanese Whetstones
  • Suehiro Cerax 404
  • Grit: 320 (Medium - Coarse) White Alumina
  • Whetstone Size: 205 x 73 x 50mm
  • Weight: 2000g
  • Cleaning Stone Included
  • Professional Sharpening Stone / Whetstone
  • Made in Japan

The Suehiro Cerax series of stones will begin to develop a dish after frequent usage, to maintain the stones a lapping plate is recommended to keep the surface flat for long life.

We suggest either the Jende Industries Glass Lapping Plate, Shapton Diamond Glass Lapping Plate or the Shapton NAORU cast iron lapping system for this process

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