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The TSPROF K03 Pro System Only - precision-guided knife sharpening system.  Become a knife sharpening expert with TSPROF K03 Pro.

Keep all your blades razor-sharp, sharpen for friends and family, make money from local knife sharpening or, if you hand make knives, take those edges to the next level.
Sharpening is all about the consistency of the angle and the precision behind it.

The TSPROF K03 Pro is made of 100% CNC machined metal, the engineers look strictly at tight tolerance compliance; each unit passes strict quality control.

Set any desired angle you want in a few seconds using just 1 control knob. Dial in the angle with the Axicube-I to see the angle instantly and precisely. The sharpener is built on a modular concept. Get the sharpener’s body and extend it with additional clamps, abrasives, and accessories. 


  • K03 Pro Body
  • Steel Base
  • Axicube-I Digital Angle Finder
  • 2x Whole Milled Clamps
  • Parts Bag
  • Cardboard Shipping Box With Styrofoam

    The TSPROF K03 Pro body Rack-and-pinion lift with seamless adjustment allows you to set the angle with an accuracy of 0.05°. The range of sharpening angles is from 7° to 35° per side, which allows you to sharpen knives at a total angle of up to 70°.

    Rotary mechanism the main body of the rotary mechanism is made of hardened steel. 

    Whole milled clamps are milled from high-strength aircraft aluminium. Due to the monolithic design of the clamps, their main advantage is the increased resistance to pressure on the stone, which ensures constant angles. When working with this type of clamp, calibration, and adjustment to different knife shapes are not required. 

    The weighty 3.5 kg TSPROF steel base holds the system on the table and allows you to work without attaching the sharpening system body with a G-clamp.

    Axicube-I Angle finder allows for accurate angle finding and sharpening high quality edges.



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