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Sharpen your chisels like a pro with the WECA2

The Wicked Edge Chisel Attachment WECA2 works with any flat chisel or plane blade, up to 10.16cm wide, and can be installed on any Wicked Edge sharpener model.

The Chisel attachment allows you to mount and sharpen various width chisels securely and safely on the Wicked Edge system.

The Wicked Edge chisel attachment fit all models of Wicked Edge systems.

Using the supplied hex key to tighten the the jaws of the attachment and makes for easy mounting and un-mounting of your chisels.

An adjustable stop plate is used at the base of the clamp to give repeatable clamping positions.

All the Wicked Edge stones and strops can be used with the chisel attachment.

Download the Instructions: HERE

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