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The Wicked Edge Low Angle Adapter WELA fits all models of Wicked Edge systems.

The Low Angle Adapter is a vise extension designed to help you achieve lower sharpening angles on your knives.

This attachment is compatible with all current Wicked Edge models, and all older models with the exception of the Pre-2017 Commercial Series Sharpener. 

The Low Angle Adapter is especially useful for sharpening Japanese knives and small blades. The included 3/32" and 1/8" Allen Wrenches work to operate and mount the adapter. 

We also recommend using a Digital Angle Cube because the low angle adapter significantly changes the clamped height, which will make the angle markings on the sharpener not as accurate.

Longer guide rods are also helpful because the clamping height is higher.


  1. Clamp the Low Angle Adapter securely in your sharpener’s Vise.

  2. To clamp your knife into the Low Angle Adapter, use a 1/8” Allen Key to loosen the screws in the Low Angle Adapter wide enough so the knife can fit between the jaws. Insert your knife and tighten the top screw first, then tighten the bottom screw. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

  3. Follow the standard methods for determining your sharpening angle. You can use the Sharpie method or check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

  4. Record your angle settings using a Digital Angle Cube.

  5. Sharpen your knife using all the standard procedures of the Wicked Edge sharpener

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